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Isakssons handelstradgård


Isaksson’s tomatoes are grown with love. It’s the secret of our sweet and high quality tomatoes. In summer, our selection includes tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, potato and many other seasonal products. …

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Lyckebon tori

Lyckebo Market

Shop at Lyckebo Market in Näsby. Fresh bread and lemonade, as well as other delicacies. Crafts and souvenirs. Smoked fish and fish products Open from mid-June to mid-August Fri-Sat from …

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M-Market Houtskari

M-Market Houtskär

M-Market Houtskär offers a wide selection of groceries and consumables.

Simons Produkt

Simons Produkt

Craft shop at the market. Flowers and handmade gypsum birds from the archipelago, archipelago memories.