Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A little help when emergency arises – so where can one find…?


The pharmacy is situated at M-Market Houtskär in Näsby. Here you can only get medicines without prescription, bandages etc. Check opening hours here.

Weather Forecast

Would you like to know what kind of weather we are having in Houtskär right now? Check it out at this site:


You can get free maps of Houtskär from the tourist information and from the Houtskär office “områdeskontoret” – both in Näsby.


You can go fishing with a fishing rod without any license, but if you fish in any other way you must check out the regulations described on the Eräluvat web page. There you will also find out how to get a license.


There is a big playground at Träsk skola, the elementary school in Träsk, at Houtskärsvägen 867, about 3 km from Näsby.

Bus Timetables

You can get bus timetables from the buses and also from the site: TLO’s (“Saaristobuss” – Archipelago Bus) timetables


Charging station for electric cars can be found at the backside of Houtskärs Gästgifveri restaurant.

Online Lottery

You can play online-lottery at the K-Shop Houtskär Boden in Näsby.

Cash Machine

Sorry, there are no cash machines in Houtskär. The closest one is in Nagu. Our bank, Aktia Houtskär, is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am-12pm. Please NOTE that you will need CASH for the BUS – no card payment accepted!


Check with the locals (land owners), if you need to park your car for a longer period of time.

Bicycle Mechanic

It you get problems with your bicycle during your ride in Houtskär – please contact the tourist informations phone: +358 40 488 6085 for further advice!

Gas Station

There are three gas stations in Näsby. The one in front of M-Market Houtskär and the another one down by the harbour accept payment by card when the store is closed, but they are open 24/7. Another one at the harbour must be paid to the K-shop. The ones at the harbour are for boats.


You can buy postcards at Lyckebo Torg in Näsby from June 21st to August 10th on Fri – Sat 11am to 3pm and in both stores.


You can buy stamps at the post office agent at M-Market Houtskär in Näsby or at Lyckebo Torg.

Tick Remover

You can buy tick removers from the pharmacy at M-Market Houtskär in Näsby.

Monet Exchange

There is no place in Houtskär where you can change money. We only accept EUROS as payment.

Waste Disposal

There are small green trash cans in different places where you can put candy wrappers etc. If you want to get rid of bigger/more waste you should take it to the waste reception at Näsbyvägen 86, open Thursdays 3-4.45pm and on the last Saturday of every month from 11.15am to 12.45pm, except holidays.


You can hire saunas for an hour or longer at Hyppeis värdshus, Mossala Island Resort, Näsby guest harbour and Saaristokoulu.

Septic Tank Emptying

In Näsby at Vitteludd by the bridge there is a spot for septic tank emptying for caravans and boats.

Rowing Boats

You can hire rowing boats from Hyppeis värdshus and from Mossala Island Resort.

Health Care Centre

The health care centre in Houtskär is situated in Näsby. If you have any issues concerning your health you should call in advance: +358 2 454 5200, workdays 9 am – 1 pm. Emergency Calls 112.

Swimming Beach

The swimming beach is at Vitteludd in Näsby. It is open all summer, only
closed during swimming school. Check the events calendar for dates.

Ferry Timetable

There are ferry timetables on board the ferries in small brown boxes and on board Stella in Café Stella. Down by every cable ferry there is a sign with the pauses. There are four pauses a day and they are 20 minutes long. Read more.

Bike Rental

You can hire bikes for some hours or a day at: CarfieldNäsbyn Vierasvenesatama/SkagenSaaristokoulu & Hyppeis VärdshusMossala Island Resort.


There are public restrooms at Lyckebo Torg in Näsby, behind the red house, marked WC. NB! There are public toilets down by all the bigger ferries and on board on the following routes: Pargas-Nagu, Korpo-Norrskata, Korpo-Houtskär, Houtskär-Iniö and Iniö-Gustavs.