Houtskärs Idrottsförening


Training Field

You can find the training fields near Träsk school.Gymmet

Mini Arena

You can train teams sport in Houtskärvägen 258.

Gymnasium & Gym

You can find the gym next to Träsk school Houtskärvägen 258. tel. 040 488 5781

Track & Field
Bigger field can be found in Näsby, in the crossroad of Ängesvägen and Saverkeitvägen, next to the helicopter landing platform.

Paths, nature trails and forest running routes


  1. The Culture Path

– An about 2 km long path in the centre of Näsby consisting of 10 information signs telling you about local history in three languages

  1. Path of Pearls

– A walking path in two parts, which starts by the church stone wall and takes you up by the vicarage (marked red, about 0,5 km) or leads you all the way to Vitteludd foreland (marked red + blue, about 1,5 km) and then back to the church

– In the church you will find more information in three languages about the path and its purpose

  1. Mossala Hiking Trail

– A hiking trail in the forest covering the whole foreland of Mossala (still under construction)

– Starts at the reception of Mossala Island Resort, call +358 50 347 7658 for further information 

  1. Nåtön Nature Trail

– An about 2,5 km long nature trail which will take you along graves from the Bronze Age to the other side of the island of Nåtö, which is situated near the border to the Aland Islands

– You can go to Nåtö with your own boat or by taking a ferryboat, Karolina or Satava, from Roslax (NOTE! You must book your trip one day in advance!)

– Lilian Lundell from Sammels Gårdsturism can give you more information about how to get there, +358 40 565 6084

  1. Träskin Running Routes

– Two running trails in the forest above Träsk skola (elementary school), both about 1,5 km long