Midsummer poles and midsummer celebration

On Midsummer Eve midsummer poles are decorated and raised in almost every village in Houtskär. People decorate the poles with grass, leaves and different symbols like small fir trees, boats and a spinning sun. Every village has its own traditions, so no poles look the same.

In Mossala the world’s highest midsummer pole was raised in 2013, when the old one had to be replaced. To the right there is a picture of this pole, which is more than 32m high. People who have moved away usually come home to their villages at Midsummer to participate in this unique tradition of decorating and raising the pole together. If you are in Houtskär around midsummer you should also take part in the celebration arranged by a nearby village.

If you don’t know how to decorate the pole – ask! Someone will happily show you how! The midsummer pole hasn’t just been a decoration or an attraction. In olden times people looked at the pole to check the wind direction – and many still do.

The bonfire at Midsummer

Nowadays you can also see bonfires along the shores. However, there are strict regulations concerning fire lighting. At Mossala Island Resort they usually light a bonfire at midnight.

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