The Archipelago Museum

The Archipelago Museum in Houtskär holds a unique collection of different types of boats typical for this part of the Finnish archipelago. Here you will also find equipment for fishing and hunting, as well as a real working boat buildery. Visit the museum buildings by the sea to see these exhibitions.

Uphill there are two more houses where items mostly from farm life in Houtskär are shown.  The museum is run by volounteers from the Houtskärs Kulturgille association.

Skargardsmuseum kollaasi

Opening Hours: June 25th – August 11th, 2024

Tue –  Fri 12pm – 7pm 

Sat – Sun  12pm – 16pm

Mondays closed


The entrance fee to all the above mentioned buildings is only 5€ per person.

Other reservationsr:
Lennart Brunnsberg 0400 723 375

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